Friday, 31 March 2017

Why invest in land? – Landstar

Bengaluru is undoubtedly transforming into a shining spot for real estate investors. The capital of Karnataka has now witnessed phenomenal migration in the last several decades to become the most popular hub of Indian IT industry with a 40 percent share. Having good market drivers the IT/ITes sectors are the strong macroeconomic dynamics, most of the home buyers belong to this segment and they find Bengaluru a perfect place to settle and retire. However, we are not taken by surprise that the real estate demands in the city arise majorly from the migrant population who are looking for housing units priced below Rs 50 lakhs.
When we asked experts, they stated that Bengaluru is a stable reality market and has steady prices as it has neither seen violent fluctuations nor will it crash anytime sooner.
Well, vacant land surely sounds boring, but that can be one of the best reasons about land as an investment.
Vacant land can be an absolute no-fuss investment
Vacant land basically is simplicity and stability. You don’t have to deal with unnecessary problems that can come tagged with owning other types of real estate properties. Of course, there are few, if in the case of any repairs, no tenants, no renovations and no utilities.
Land is cheap to own compared to furnished apartments
Once you have made the initial investment, the raw land property taxes are insignificant, so there are no mortgage payments, no monthly bills to bother you, and the insurance is minimal if you choose to have it at all in a single package.
Buying land is easy
Buying land as easy as buying your favorite DVD. You can browse our website and look for the most convenient location while you are still relaxing on your easy chair. Our team will brief you about the process and you will for sure find it the most hassle-free way of buying a property in Bangalore
Your land is a tangible asset
No matter how much money you have made with your stocks, it can still become worthless paper overnight, but you don’t have that problem with land. It always holds the value it does, in fact, they double over a period of time. The land is a solid, tangible asset and it doesn’t wear out, nor will it bear any damages and no one is going to walk off with your land in the middle of the night. Jokes apart, but land is your actually safe investment if all the paper works are done carefully.
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